In Search of Nizami Cuisine – Mr Broast Hyderabadi Spices

Have you ever tasted the famous, delicious and the delectable Hyderabadi Cuisine in Qatar?

Come, Let me take you to one of the famous branches of Mr. Broast Hyderabadi Spices @ Fereej Bin Mahmoud, Doha which not only welcomes you with a pleasing smile but takes you to the next level of traditional Nizami Style cuisine.


Do you know the Hyderabadi Cuisine ?
Hyderabadi cuisine also known as Deccani cuisine, is the native cooking style of the Hyderabadi Muslims. It had become a princely legacy of the Nizams of Hyderabad State, as it began to develop further on from there.

You can call it an amalgamation of Mughals, Turkish and Arabic along with the influence of the native Telugu & Marathwada cuisines.

This an imposing restaurant located at the Al Jazeera Street. A friendly neighbourhood where you can find a variety of cuisines from different cultures and one among them is this famous, affordable and a traditional restaurant.

The Menu

The Breakfast : Served only on the Weekends (Friday & Saturday)

The Peshawari /Lahori Nashta (Style)


Specialty – A Homemade tasty Mutton Paya with Naan -The soup base is created by sauteed onions and garlic, where a number of curry-based spices are then added to the meat and bones (Mutton legs). The cooked dish is served with a garnish of fresh diced ginger and fresh long coriander leaves, along with fresh sliced lemon and Naan.Such a delicious recipe. Do not forget to carry your napkins to clean your sweat falling off your head and nose.- Recommended 🙂

Also serves Sweet Halwa with Poori, Aloo (Potato) Parata , Eggs & Ofcourse the energizing , the traditional Masala Chai (Tea).

The Lunch – As of now, there are NO Buffets served, but you will definitely be delighted to choose and taste their mouthwatering dishes from their menu (A La Carte). A total of 150 Dishes from their menu consisting of all varieties at an affordable price.
Starters : 40
Main Dishes – 100
Deserts – 10

The Dinner – A’ La Carte – You still have an amazing, delicious and finger licking dishes from the menu but with a Twist, You can enjoy a Grand Unlimited Buffet on the Evenings of the Thursday and the Friday for just 49 riyals! Hurray!!


That’s an amazing deal! Its time to mark your weekends to visit here.

The Team

Mr.Broast team will make you feel home with such great varieties of delicious dishes. Especially, the smiling manager Mr. Sharma & his team have played a vital role on inviting us and proving the definition of hospitality. You will never feel disappointed with their service.

The Gallery

My Rating as below : 4.5/5.0

Hospitality : 5.0
Ambience : 4.0
Service : 4.5
Quality : 4.5
Quantity : 4.5


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