Doha’s Unique – Indian Dhamaka @ “Desi Dhaba” – Fereej Bin Mahmoud.

Doha’s Unique – Indian Dhamaka @ “Desi Dhaba” – Fereej Bin Mahmoud.

A wish which seemed to be fulfilled. As you know, I was born and raised in southern part of India and never had an opportunity to visit the dhaba’s ( Northern side) and taste their authentic Punjabi cuisine with rich flavors.

Now, Lets go back to know the history of Dhabas and their evolution :  In India and Pakistan, highways are dotted with local restaurants popularly known as ‘Dhabas’, providing local cuisine and serving as stops for truck drivers. The Dhabas are traditionally characterized by casual seating on cots (called chaarpai in Hindi – A traditional woven cot) and food prepared in clay ovens (tandoor).

Over time, Dhabas have come to define a culture, centered on food. Real Punjabi has been influenced by the diverse culinary cultures of Persia, Afghanistan and Central Asia. Punjab provided a conduit to caravans from Bukhara, Kabul & Kashmir. The wonderful frontier foods intertwined with the rich stream of Hindu, Sikh, Pathan, Muslim and Kashmiri migrants enriched this Punjabi cuisine.

Firstly, I couldn’t imagine a Dhaba theme / style restaurant is a hit on the busy street of Fereej Bin Mahmoud . I finally decided to pay a visit and write about this colorful damakhedar restaurant. A warm feeling as you enter the doors of this restaurant.

The interiors of the restaurant is so nicely planned / arranged that every single object  available in this scene is found in the Dhabas. You really get a feeling that you are on the road side, parked your vehicle and got to sit n the cot for a freshly prepared dishes.

Sometimes, the presentation could be so fantastic but the food might go wrong but that was completely voided in this case. The food here taste so good that one just cannot stop with one bite, its goes on and on 🙂 The food served is non monolithic. It’s simple. It’s rich. It’s robust. It’s diverse. I am now crazy about their Dhaba Style Biriyani, Lehsan ki Dhall Many more…

The Key role players –  Directors , Manager & his team. – While we were talking about food and his business, The manager replied : “You can see all the stuff here: Kitchen, vegetables, meat, utensils and spices – nothing contains artificial ingredients or stale. We are honest with our customers and provide what we ourselves eat, you can clear all your doubts when you enter Desi Dhaba.”

I spent a good long time at the Desi Dhaba, taking pictures of everything and asking them about their motive and vision for this theme in Doha. They looked more interesting and the Ultimate answer was – “Customer Satisfaction is their only happiness.”  I have to admit this as I was not only greeted and respected but I was also served with mouth watery, appealing delicious dishes that night. When asked about their signature dishes, 45% from the menu seemed to be their signature dishes with unique names. A must to try restaurant :).

However, As a traveler and foodie, would like to highlight or give useful tips for the management for improvement

Area of Improvement –

1. Sequence of Service – Totally unbelievable. (For example : We were served Naan with Dhall and the Chicken Dumplings).

2. Service Staff – Lack of knowledge on the menu. The Waiters had to run about asking each other the dish they served and its content.

Finally, I would say – Myself and the team were very much satisfied with the quality of the Dishes 🙂 Thanks to the Desi Dhaba team 🙂

My Rating as below – 3.9 / 5.0

Hospitality : 3.5
Ambience : 4.0
Service : 3.5
Quality : 4.5
Quantity : 4.0

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