Something that you really need to know about me… :)

Something that you really need to know about me…  :)

Hi Guys, Am Mohammed Thousif Hussain.

By profession, I am a Mariner, Traveler, and Food Critic.

Most of my friends and relatives have asked me Why do I blog? Why do I share the best of information I have? Do I earn by blogging? Where do I get the funding to visit places, Hotels, Restaurants, Dine and write? I guess the simple answer is ‘because I Love it’, but let’s delve a little deeper.

Firstly, people start blogs for different reasons. I guess nowadays people may publish their first post for the hopes of a entrepreneurial blogging career, event invites and because they want a piece of the blogging pie (fair play).

I started to blog since Jan 2018, easier to write on different streams like Trip advisor, Zomato etc, But then I felt that it was high time to start my own website where I capture my moments of my life. In my opinion, compiling a post is pretty much the same thing as a vlogger, as they both takes time and effort. I am not good at video haha (lol) and I prefer to write. Although I love to make videos, but it isn’t time yet to start it professionally.

About making money or spending for blogging, Just a simple answer is that “I Love it”. But just to give you a heads up, I have been travelling a lot to different countries (Free of Cost). I have actually visited every single country my Ship takes me to :P. and I don’t stop clicking pictures and tasting their cuisines. This is how I visit different countries, Hotels and Restaurants.

Now since August 2018, I can say with great pride that I have been full-time blogging on my website. I have learnt a lot on my visits and posts. You all know it’s never so easy but yes, I adore my job and look forward to be one of the best rated bloggers. (I Hope so).

View my food journey on Zomato!

So here’s why I do it!


4 thoughts on “Something that you really need to know about me… :)

    1. Hi Kavitha 🙂 Many thanks for stopping by and commenting on my blog. 🙂 Yes, Its a good profession but am looking forward to movie in hospitality Sector..And Yes, am definitely gonna read ur blogs as well :). Interesting :). Cya. keep in touch..

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