A visit to the New Branch of Mr. Broast – Hyderabadi Spices : Disappointment – Sadness – Regret @ Matar Qadeem, Doha, Qatar

A visit to the New Branch of Mr. Broast – Hyderabadi Spices : Disappointment – Sadness – Regret @ Matar Qadeem, Doha, Qatar

How do you choose your restaurant? What do you look for? How are you satisfied?

Lets first emphasize on these little things which matter the most and destroys the good appetite.

  • Hygiene
  • Service
  • Ambiance
  • Cuisine
  • Value for Money

Would you regret, feel disappointed or sad if the above 2 selection criteria is breached?

Mr. Broast –  Hyderabadi Spice is one of the best sellers of Nizami cuisine in Doha. As briefly described and appreciated on my previous blog, they stand among the top best affordable food in Doha. Having a conversation with the Owners, it was found that they have shifted their business from Dubai to Doha due to personal reasons. (Not sure if it was a big hit in Dubai).
During the month of Ramadan, I particularly loved and had high respect for the branch of Fereej Bin Mahmoud as it served hot and delicious food in the morning for Sehur (The time before the dawn).

Since the other branch (Al Ghanim) had some extra dishes, I simply wanted to try it but unfortunately, found a long hair (Hygiene barrier falls) and when I called the Restaurant, I heard filthy comments spoken between the staff while being online (Maybe they dint know that I could understand their language as well).  However, After the management decided to call back and wanted me to give them a chance to prove their excellence and  hospitality, I accepted the challenge and they served me well.

Recently, I was invited to visit this New Branch of Matar Qadeem by the Onwer (Mr. Arshad) to taste and write. Unexpectedly, this time the Service failed them. The Waiters had no clue what a customer is and they indeed spoke in their own language filthy calling by names. They really dint care the customers at all. I simply walked away without tasting anything.

My dear readers, I might be a bit sensitive but yes, I really do look for hygiene and best service when I visit a restaurant. Service Sequence can go wrong, Dishes can go wrong but when hygiene and attitude of people falls then No matter how big your restaurant had earned their names, it falls in just few moments.

As a note to the Management of Mr. Broast – Hyderabadi Cuisine, Its my duty as a customer to advise to recruit eligible and competent staff as this barrier might flush their name to no where.

However, Again as a traveler and foodie, would like to highlight or give useful tips for  improvement

Area of Improvement –

1. Service Staff – Its time to bring in qualified individuals

My Rating as below – 0.8 / 5

Hospitality : 0.0
Ambiance : 4.0
Service : 0.0
Quality : 0.0
Quantity : 0.0

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8 thoughts on “A visit to the New Branch of Mr. Broast – Hyderabadi Spices : Disappointment – Sadness – Regret @ Matar Qadeem, Doha, Qatar

  1. I think you are totally justified in wanting to eat in a clean, hygienic place. We had a Dairy Queen restaurant in town (normally pretty good food) but the restrooms were filthy. I didn’t go back because I didn’t want to catch a gastrointestinal bug and if they weren’t keeping the bathrooms clean, they were probably not cleaning out their ice cream machines every night 🙂

  2. Well I don’t like to eat in dirty places. As I’ve gotten older, I seem to be a bit snobbish in my choice of eating places – the old burger joint just isn’t good enough anymore. I would have been outraged if I had the experience you had!

    1. Hahaha.. Ms.Bushra, Thanks a lot for taking your time to comment :).. I dint want to rate them rude..hv soft corners as well.. but yes, I wanted to highlight the management that this might be one good reason why this particular branch missed their spotlife. Little things matter a lot these days i guess..Jejej 🙂

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