Homemade with Love – “Moms Kitchen”, Doha, Qatar

Homemade with Love – “Moms Kitchen”, Doha, Qatar

We love our mothers.. Don’t we? Between every restaurant review, every delicious food discovery I have been enjoying  in various places around the globe and sharing every single image that I upload here, Facebook or on the Instagram… I still crave for  home cooked meal prepared by my mother…  Nothing beats a yummy heart filled home cooked meal prepared by the one person who knows and loves you unconditionally…. Surely there’s some magic your mum does to make the dishes… that you still crave for every once in a while you visit her…

Now that’s the concept of this restaurant, to provide homely food to their customers. But when we talk about the homely food in the restaurant, it simply means that they have their  recipes cooked with fresh, organic, ingredients with NO artificial sauces and taste enhancers.

Location : Al Hilal, Doha (Between the Al Mana & Qatar Airways Building).

We were warmly welcomed by the Restaurant Manager – (F&B Service) Mr. Sayeed Khan, A down to earth and a humble person who considers every guest as his own family. He firstly took us on a short tour in his restaurant. Introduced us to his Service Dept Supervisor and as seated in our table,  A plate of hot and tasty Aloo Bhajia – Potato Fritters (South Indian Snack – thin potato slices coated with besan, rice flour and deep fried) along with a refreshing welcome drink – “Pomo Punch”  was served. Amazing taste. I loved the both. The combination went quiet well. It just made me miss mamma so much much.


Starters  : Moving ahead, we ordered a plate of Chicken Alfaham and a Mini Tandoor with a Basket of Rotis. The Alfaham is a must to try dish. Mini Tandoor Plate consisted of Chicken Tikka, Reshmi Kebab, Chicken Tandoori and the Chicken Hariyali. Very tender meat. Very bold and full of Spices. It is usually the traditional Mint Chutney (Mint Paste) – Very strong and hot. I loved every bite of it. It was definitely marinated with the right proportions of spices and other ingredients.

Note – To my readers who do not know what a Tandoori is? – Well, Its an iconic Punjabi dish which is cooked with chicken pieces on the bone and flavored with a delicate blend of tandoori spices in a yogurt marinade – healthy and delicious! Traditionally, tandoori chicken is cooked with a whole bird that has been infused with flavor through a distinct two-stage marinading process. This involves using a wood burning clay oven that is cylindrical in shape and built into the ground.


Main Dish – After the lovely, spicy and yummy Starters,We decided to order the mains…Butter Chicken, Dhall Makani, Veggie Fried Rice and the special Thalassery Chicken Biriyani – Kerela Style.


The dishes weren’t so embellishing as you see but every bite of it was so vivid, spicy, piquant,utterly savory flavor, feels invigorating, stimulating and reviving. We could feel the sense of the grounded spices , flavorsome and the meat went quiet well juicy and fresh. Most important thing is that all these dishes are so pocket friendly. Very affordable for a middle class man like me. 🙂

Desserts :  We had a couple of options to try. Gulab Jamun, Ice creams (Various Flavours) and something called Fried Ice cream, which was new to me. I opted for it

Fried Ice cream was so scintillating. It was the vanilla flavoured ice cream (scoop) covered with Cornflakes and deep fried. A simple recipe that melted our hearts. It was heavenly delicious. We had our best times ever.

Moreover a note to the parents having young kids.-  This restaurant also offers special packages for kids and am sure they would definitely love it.

Lastly, I would like to conclude this review with my personal observation and rating.

Ambiance – 4.0/5.0        Quality – 4.5/5/0            Quantity – 4.5/5.0
Hygiene – 5.0/5.0            Service – 5.0/5.0            Parking Lot – 4.0/5.0
Kids Play Section- N/A (Witnessed Kids enjoying the restaurant)

Overall Rating – 4.0 / 5.0

A special thanks to the humble and the wonderful restaurant manager for the support and respect he had shown. Not just us, he maintains a cordial relationship with every guest and knows most of his guest by their names.

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I guarantee this restaurant would never let you down. 🙂 A Must to try. Enjoy Food.




11 thoughts on “Homemade with Love – “Moms Kitchen”, Doha, Qatar

  1. That is a great review and mouth watery post. I can see they have a good menu and looks pretty clean. I love the way you spice up your posts with so many nice words. I love tandoori. My mother is here and she makes all kinds of good foods, but when she goes back to Pakistan, I think I survive on microwaveable stuff. Hey BTW, I love your site. Your new look is totally great and very impressive.

      1. You welcome. Of course, we have to support each other. Oh well, if you ever happened to come to the USA, make sure you visit us and my mother would make you wonderful meal with your favorites dishes.

      2. Awwww. That’s so kind of you.. When I worked on board American company. We were trading across US waters for 4.5 yrs.. In Houston.. Wish I go thr soon insha Allah.. Will definitely catch to eat yummy Pakistani dishes.. Hehe

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