“Food Paradise – You will never stop eating” @ Alosra Restaurant -Musheireb, Doha

“Food Paradise – You will never stop eating” @  Alosra Restaurant -Musheireb, Doha

I have heard a lot about this quote – “Belly rules the mind”, it is now proven right when I recently had a visit to this unpretentious restaurant @ Musheireb, Doha.

Well then get ready to taste the tradition and the love shown by this south Indian restaurant that serves multi cuisine heavenly dishes!!DSC_3843

This restaurant is famous for their rich cuisine which is so delectable with a blend of Malabari, French, Brit and Arabian touch which rose them to the most unique and lip smacking recipes since 1989 (The year when I was born haha). Now, that sounds so cool!! and no wonder you are in for a gourmet’s delight. 🙂

We were invited by the Manager, Mr. Arafat. Such a humble person who is tall and handsome, not fierce but very silent and calm. When we had a conversation with him, he seemed very inventiveness and had a very systemized thinking. He showed a great respect to his colleagues and subordinates. That’s one important note for their success.

You may think of Backwaters, Beaches, House boats, Tea plantation, Hill stations and Kerala Ayurvedic spa; I would say Appam, Puttu, Karimeen Pollicahthu, Seafood, Biryani and the divine Sadya! Salivating already?? Haha..Lets ride down to check what happened?

Starters : Was served with some delicious, crunchy threaded chicken, veggie cutlets, some heavy filling of chicken momos which came along with refreshing mocktails (The Blue Lagoon, Sharbath (Authentic Keralite taste) and then the smooth Avacado-Banana twist milkshake).

I still could feel the taste of the heavy yummy little momo bags and the exotic colorful drinks. After a quick sip and the crunching, we saw some special dishes arriving. Fingers tight, Couldn’t resist and I totally lost my manners by tasting a bit of it before the snap. hahaha. Honestly, The dishes were filled with love and flavors.

Moving ahead with the Main Course- The ultimate journey!

Main Course :  Mix Tandoor Plate, Naans, Rotis, Chicken Shappu Curry, Special beef fry, Fish Sherry Fry and the tasty Chicken Tikka Biriyani! I believe its the most soft, tender, juicy, flavourable chicken tandoori plate I have ever had in Doha since I have been here! I couldn’t stop eating.. I was just going on ,going on, and going on….Haha.. I loved every single bite that I had 🙂 Wowowow!!! I am left with no adjectives to describe the love for their dishes!! I wouldn’t travelling a mile everyday to taste their food. Its so awesome and satisfying! You really have to experience the magic of their hands.. They will take you away to the next level of cooking.

Time for Facts –
1. This restaurant serves very tasty and affordable breakfast from 6am in the morning.
2. They have special Lunch Box for just 12 Riyals and fantastic Buffet in the weekends for just 35 Riyals. (Dont miss it!).
3. Apart from the above, they do have A la carte menu for the entire day. You could just walk in from 6am to 12 in the midnight.

Lastly, I would like to conclude this review with my personal observation and rating.

Ambiance – 4.0/5.0        Quality – 4.5/5.0            Quantity – 5.0/5.0
Hygiene – 5.0/5.0            Service – 5.0/5.0            Parking Lot – 4.0/5.0
Kids Play Section- N/A (But they do have a special menu for kids)

Overall Rating – 4.6 / 5.0

Highly recommending it!

Part 2 will soon be posted!! Invited for the Buffet tomorrow!! Excited!! Aww!!




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  1. Yes Ms Bushra.. Usually I give all the restaurants a good review.. Sometimes the dishes might go wrong.. But it can be just once but I was very keen at the hospitality, hygiene and service part.. These three things should nvr go down.. And if these things do great wid a good dish.. I rate them 4.0-4.5

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