“Food Paradise – Fill your stomach with Joy” @ Alosra Restaurant -Musheireb, Doha – Part 2 (The Buffet Lunch )

“Food Paradise – Fill your stomach with Joy” @ Alosra Restaurant -Musheireb, Doha – Part 2 (The Buffet Lunch )

As I mentioned in my previous blog, I was invited here by Mr. Arafat (The Restaurant Manager). I would just say that, this is the restaurant which makes my entire hobby as a food writer exciting. It’s no-frills, inexpensive and serves the authentic flavor of Kerala.

This time it was the Buffet. “The Lunch Buffet” – A traditional, authentic,Of course, this is the high-end global place of gastronomy too and it’s ironic that I write this while I am waiting for my friend in the saloon.


This time it was not just the food… but, There were families enjoying their food, Kids in an excitement mode looking for their yummy choice of deserts, friends exploring Doha, and last but not the least, we were seeing some known celebrities (Mr. Shiyaas Kareem, The South Indian Big Boss Contestant) eating out there with his friends. :).

It got interesting and I almost became everyone’s personal photographer, as they all wanted one portrait from the DSLR for their Facebook Profile. Well, I too enjoyed the moment actually as I was on high demand and the restaurant celebrity though.. jeje..

Now, talking about the buffet, it just cost 35 Riyals/ Person for more than 30 varieties of hot, fresh and tasty dishes served. You name the dish, and it will definitely be available on the list. (Kerala Cuisine) – Chicken, Ducks, Mutton, Seafood etc.

Not just leaving the guest with the hot containers filled with loads of delicious food in it, but this restaurant also had live counter of Appam and Puttu where the Chef made some yummy hot & fresh appams which were a hit and a favorite to the guest out there, I felt light on the tummy and the stew was just taking you to the next level…

Note : 
Appam is a type of pancake, made with fermented rice batter and coconut milk.
Puttu is made of steamed rice flour and grated coconut.

Not to forget the hospitality of Mr. Saleem. He is one gentle man and the backbone of this restaurant who was so excited to see his guest enjoying the food. I could see the happiness that reflected on his face while the guest enjoyed their food. He made sure all the containers were filled with food and guided his staff the very now and then.

To be honest, You should be expecting a generous use of coconut, chilli and spices, in mouth-tingling  Kerala style recipes. I would highly recommend to eat the food on a banana leaf. The food tastes even better when eaten on these leaves.


I assure you that this restaurant will never fail you.

Lastly, I would like to conclude this review with my personal observation and rating.

Ambiance – 3.8/5.0        Quality – 4.0/5/0            Quantity – 4.5/5.0
Hygiene – 4.0/5.0            Service -3.5/5.0     Parking Lot – 4.0/5.0

Overall Rating – 3.9./5.0

Alosra Restaurant - مطعم الأسرة Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

On a key note or call it an area of improvement, I witnessed spill on the floors which was not cleaned immediately and overlooked by the waiters. I would suggest the management to have a keen watch on it as well as this area is for the guest to walk and collect their dishes. No one would love to trip and fall.

A special thanks to the humble and the wonderful restaurant Manager, Mr. Arafat for his invitation and respect shown 🙂





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  1. Thousif, This is honestly the best review I read. I like your honesty. Yes, spill-proof floors definitely a great add-on when it comes to customer service. I must be fun to be a photographer celebrity. Nice exposure to your blog as well. It’s so cool how you picked up on restaurants. Keep up the good work. I love all these pictures as well.

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